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A day in inpatient rehab

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Your recovery journey begins

For most, a stay in rehab begins with a medical detox from drugs or alcohol. Our physicians and nursing staff have extensive experience overseeing detoxification and work to ensure it is as comfortable as possible. The detox process starts with a physical assessment to determine your exact needs, followed by medical management and monitoring that last 24 hours a day until your body is free from most physical withdrawal symptoms. Once you complete detox, you can transition to the next level of care of ongoing treatment of post-acute withdrawal and clinical stabilization.

A look at daily life during treatment

Once the assessment and detox are complete, we will place you in your therapy groups, and our licensed, credentialed therapists will begin your one-on-one counseling. Most days begin at 7 am with meditation and a nutritious breakfast. Next, you’ll attend group therapy sessions and individual therapies, followed by recreation and physical activities.

After that, you’ll have additional group and individual therapy sessions as well as life skills training and engaging educational workshops. Typical days wrap up with a community 12-Step meeting.

We’ll schedule daily sessions and activities on your weekends as well, with time allotted for additional 12-Step meetings and family visits, since we consider the integration of your family into the treatment process is an essential element of success in long-term recovery.

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Typical morning activities

Morning community meeting

Recovery focused meeting with your peers with topics aimed at starting your day off with a proper mindset for recovery.

Nutritious breakfast

Start the day with an artisanal breakfast freshly prepared by our chefs with locally sourced ingredients, containing all the proper nutrition to start the day off right.

Therapist guided therapy group

A morning group, led by your therapist, which will help you to process and overcome potential obstacles on your path to recovery.

Typical midday activities

Fitness, therapeutic & recreational activities

Among the many fitness, therapeutic and recreational activities you can expect during your middays in rehab are gym time with a personal trainer, meditation classes, and nature walks.

Delicious lunch

Enjoy a hand-crafted lunch freshly prepared by our chefs with locally sourced ingredients. Custom meal requests and nutritional accommodations are always welcome!

Recovery workshops

Here are some fitness oriented, theRecovery workshops that cover topics like relapse prevention, 12-step tools, spirituality, and motivational topics.

Typical evening activities

Recovery speakers and 12-step meetings

Group recovery meetings where you can share experiences with your peers in treatment and listen to inspiring stories of recovery from guest speakers.

Dinner and snacks

Top off the day with a delicious dinner prepared by our chefs from locally sourced ingredients. Custom meal requests and dietary accommodations available for request.

Personal free time

Free time involves watching tv or movies, socializing with peers, playing board and card games or personal activities like journaling, recovery assignments, and reflection.

Evening community meeting

A recovery focused meeting with your peers in treatment where you will be able to process your experiences for the day and share support and motivation.

Each day in treatment is another step toward healing & hope in long-term recovery

From meals and activities to group sessions, you’ll have a personalized daily drug or alcohol abuse treatment program to stay occupied and build the foundation of your recovery. The goal of your daily activities is to keep you involved, engaged, and focused on treatment. By structuring your drug or alcohol treatment, Recovery Centers of America (RCA) helps you establish healthy patterns you can continue to use when you leave treatment to maintain a sober lifestyle.

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