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Recovery Centers of America for referring hospital professionals

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Referring patients to Recovery Centers of America is simple, fast and effective

As a referring physician, nurse, case worker, social worker, therapist, administration staff, recovery coach or crisis team member dealing with patients suffering from substance use disorders, you want to get them the outside care they need from a detox and inpatient drug and alcohol facility as efficiently as possible. But too often hospital professionals face various time-consuming challenges, delaying what should be a smooth transfer for a pressing matter. That’s why Recovery Centers of America works with hospitals through a streamlined process to get your patients into treatment quickly and carefully.

  • Fast referral process. Recovery Centers of America recognizes the urgency of the situation and makes the referral process fast and simple.
  • Round-the-clock admissions. RCA admits patients 24/7/365, so you can get patients into treatment any time, day or night.
  • Transportation services. Since many patients lack an independent means of transportation, RCA provides patient transportation 24/7/365, covering a wide range of areas around each treatment center. 
  • Verify insurance within minutes. RCA can verify insurance within minutes, removing burdensome processes for you and eliminating a barrier to your patients during a crucial window of time. 
  • 20 minute patient pre-screening. RCA can effectively determine the appropriate level of care for a patient in a 20 minute pre-screening process.
  • RCA handles insurance authorization. RCA handles insurance authorization for all patients, saving you valuable time. 
  • In-network with major insurance providers. RCA is in-network with most major insurance providers. 
  • We provide resources for uninsured patients. The process of placing the uninsured and Medicaid patients can be difficult and drawn-out. To remedy this, the RCA Mission Center and Treatment Advocate teams provide facility resources to uninsured and Medicaid patients. (For further resources, visit our resource page.) 
  • Admissions nurses support clinical documentation. To work better together, RCA has a nursing team in our Mission Center to communicate directly with hospital nursing staff to ensure smooth transfer of clinical documents.  

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Rapid triage and transport services for overdose and SUD patients

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