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RCA Shared Spaces

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Looking for space for your recovery group?

Recovery Centers of America is your community connection for meeting space for recovery and mental health support groups.

Recovery Centers of America is an integral part of your community. We share your passion for supporting ongoing recovery. We are happy to donate our meeting space at our world class facilities for your recovery support groups. 

FAQ’s for Shared Spaces

Is my group eligible for this shared space?

Any recovery-oriented, mental health, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) groups who submit a completed Meeting Space License Agreement are eligible to receive shared space. The Agreement will be sent to you after you speak with an RCA team member. This is an equal opportunity meeting space within the  subject matter of recovery support.

Is there a fee to rent meeting rooms?

There are no fees

May I bring in refreshments to our meeting?

Yes you may bring in light refreshments. Meeting space must be cleaned up and left the way in which you found room. No coffee machines or pots will be provided.

Is there a limit on the number of participants a meeting room can hold?

Meeting room size and number of participants it can hold varies by site. This will be determined when you connect with an RCA team member.

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