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Your path to recovery doesn’t end when you leave RCA

It’s only the beginning

A safe, supportive environment

A great deal of growth takes place during treatment, and that growth continues upon leaving treatment. Recovery is ongoing, one day at a time, so having the Alumni Association and a support system to lean on is crucial to your success.

Recovery Meetings

Find a meeting and connect with your fellow RCA alumni and others in recovery

Sober Events

See what events are coming up in your community

Be in Service

Learn how you can be of service to others and help save lives

Strength in Recovery

RCA Alumni Association’s podcast. Real People – Real Experiences – Real Hope

Take the next step and get involved

The RCA Alumni Association exists to provide you a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. We are here to help you enjoy and maintain your recovery by helping you:


The time you spend with us in our programs at RCA is only the beginning of a lifelong recovery journey. Getting involved with a community of others who have shared similar experiences in life and at RCA can increase your chances of achieving successful recovery.

The science of addiction tells us just how important it is for individuals in recovery to have access to a support network, especially when they’re feeling overwhelmed or tempted to use. Our responsive Alumni Team is dedicated to ensuring you feel supported when you need it most. As an alumnus of Recovery Centers of America, our Alumni Coordinators will personally check in with you after leaving treatment to see how you’re doing and ensure you have everything needed to be successful in your recovery.


You join the RCA family from day one. While you are in our care, your focus is on achieving sobriety and recovery surrounded by a warm and supportive community of peers and staff. Upon leaving RCA, it is important you know this community stays with you. Active addiction is isolating, but recovery can’t be. When you come to RCA, you leave a part of our family – you are no longer alone.

To help foster that sense of belonging, the Alumni Association provides many opportunities to connect in meaningful ways. From daily recovery meetings to monthly events, to support groups on Facebook, a sober community is always ready and waiting to welcome you.


We know that being of service to others and finding fulfillment in recovery often go together. Therefore, one of our goals is help you find a commitment that fits your life.

The benefits of dedicating your time to helping others navigate recovery are endless. Extending a friendly hand to a peer can provide you with a sense of purpose, belonging, and exceptional gratitude. Making commitments in your recovery are not only promises that you make to yourself, but promises you make to others. Knowing someone is relying on your act of service is one of the most beneficial ways to maintain accountability in your recovery.

Your Alumni Team stands by your side to support you

Subscribe to Alumni Association communications

If you are not receiving email and text communications from the RCA Alumni Association including meeting and event detail, recovery-related content, and RCA news, provide your information in the Alumni Association form below. Everyone in recovery is welcome, whether you received treatment with RCA or not. We look forward to connecting you with our growing, supportive community.     

Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in RCA’s Alumni Association?

Anyone! The RCA Alumni Association aims to play an active role in the recovery community, thus, anyone interested in learning how to live a sober life is welcome to take part in all our offerings. Studies show that social support from family and friends has been consistently found to predict positive outcomes, which is why our Alumni Association encourages loved ones to get involved.

Where is the Alumni Association located?

To foster the strong relationships built in treatment and celebrate the unique culture present at each site, our Alumni Association chapters follow a facility-centered model, meaning that after discharge, you will become an alumnus of the site you visited. If you visited more than one site, we welcome you to choose the chapter of the site nearest you, or the site in which you have the strongest connection to. Currently, we have Alumni Association chapters at all our sites:
RCA at Danvers – Danvers, MA
RCA at Westminster – Westminster, MA
RCA at Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN
RCA at St. Charles – St. Charles, IL
RCA at Lighthouse – Mays Landing, NJ
RCA at Raritan Bay – South Amboy, NJ
RCA at Monroeville – Monroeville, PA
RCA at Devon – Devon, PA
RCA at Capital Region – Waldorf, MD
RCA at Bracebridge Hall – Earleville, MD

How can I get extra support if I am struggling?

If you are struggling, PLEASE reach out! Email [email protected] or touch base with your Alumni Coordinator. We are here to support you as you learn how to live your new life in recovery.

How will I know about upcoming events and meetings?

Before leaving RCA, if you chose to receive information from the Alumni Association, you will automatically receive it by way of email or text. If you are not receiving our communications, please fill this form. You can also see what’s happening on the alumni meetings page and the alumni events page.

What are the expectations for those who participate in the Alumni Association?

To help you get the most out of the Alumni Association and ensure the community remains safe and supportive of all, RCA has put together our RCA Alumni Association Code of Conduct. Visit the page or download the PDF.



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