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Why referring addiction professionals choose Recovery Centers of America

Recovery Centers of America is defined by its mission of saving one million lives from the disease of addiction. Since 2014, RCA has established drug and alcohol treatment facilities at various locations throughout the United States in pursuit of this mission. Covering the full continuum of care, we provide an appropriate level of care for any patient.

Committed to comprehensive and lasting recovery, we also offer a range of family treatment options as well as an Alumni Association to build a long-term support network.

If you have a patients in need of drug and alcohol treatment, rest assured knowing that they’re in good hands at Recovery Centers of America. (For further information, visit our resources for professionals page). You can learn more about how we can accommodate your needs as a referring professional below or by contacting us directly.

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Drug and alcohol detox

Inpatient treatment

Outpatient and telehealth

Medication Assisted Treatment


Alumni Association

If you have a patient who needs immediate assistance, call now.

Referring patients for addiction professionals
is simple and fast

Whether you’re a referring physician, nurse, case worker, social worker, therapist, administration staff, recovery coach or crisis team member, referring patients to Recovery Centers of America is simple, fast and effective. To get your patients the treatment they need as quickly and safely as possible, RCA offers:

  • Transportation services
  • Round-the-clock admissions
  • Fast referral process
  • Insurance verification within minutes
  • 20 minute patient pre-screening
  • Insurance authorization
  • In-network coverage through most major insurance providers
  • Resources for uninsured and underinsured patients
  • Admissions nurses to support clinical documentation

Direct lines of communication for referring clinicians

When referring a patient to treatment, and with the consent of your patient, you will have direct lines of communication both to your local treatment advocates (available to you by filling out the form on this page or calling the number) and to clinical staff onsite once your patient is receiving treatment. Treatment advocates are also available to discuss your expectations for the patient upon their completion of inpatient treatment.

If you have a patient who needs immediate assistance, call now.



Treatment Advisor
Standing By, 24/7