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My Adult Child Needs Help With Alcohol Addiction

My Adult Child Needs Help With Drug Addiction

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‘We’re still struggling’: Woman shares story of husband’s fentanyl overdose to raise awareness

‘Recovery at the Club’: Unique event on Staten Island shows living sober life doesn’t need to be boring.

‘Sesame Street’ Tackling Addiction Stigma Before it Starts

‘Til Death Do Us Part: How to Cope With an Addiction in Your Marriage

“For-Profit” or “Nonprofit” in Healthcare — It’s a Tax Status, Not a Quality Indicator

Company with similar name to RCA, called Recovery Connection Centers of America, was Indicted on March 2, 2023

What to Look for in an Addiction Treatment Center

10 opioid overdoses in D.C. in a matter of hours: ‘There’s a lethal batch’

10 Psychological Effects of Alcohol Misuse You Should Be Talking to Your Patients About

10 Questions to Ask Before You Go To Rehab

10 Things you’ll actually Love About Being Sober

14 Useful Tips For Navigating The Holidays When You’re Not Drinking

2 Ways to Help You Recognize Signs of Alcoholism

2020 Scholarship Winner: A Powerful Heroin Addiction Story that Ends in Recovery & Success

2020 Scholarship Winner: One Student’s Loss of Drug and Alcohol Addicted Parents and Motivation to Help Families Struggling with Substance Use Disorder

2021 Scholarship Winner: A Powerful Story About Breaking Through The Difficult Cycle of Addiction and Regaining Life As a Mother and Psychology Student

2021 Scholarship Winner: The Compelling Story of How A Young Mother Overcame Her Addiction “Monster” through Treatment and Plans A Career as Treatment Counselor.

2022 Scholarship Winner: Prescription Drug Abuse Has Shaped Her Life, Her Ambitions

2022 Scholarship Winner: Through Drug Addiction, Overdoses and Relapses, A Woman Dedicates Her Life to Helping Others Find Recovery

2022 Scholarship Winner: An Addiction to Alcohol Nearly Stole One Man’s Dream To Change The World of Fashion

21st Century Care: The Emergence of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

3 Qualities to Look for When Considering Drug Rehabilitation

4 Reasons to Not Give Up on Someone in Recovery

4 Things to Look for in a Substance Abuse Counselor

4 Ways Pets Can Boost Your Recovery

4 Ways to Support Those Fighting Opiates and Alcohol Addiction

4 Ways to Support Your Millennial Through Addiction Treatment

441 Acres Preserved in Cecil County for Addiction Recovery

5 Communication Tools for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

5 Facts About Drug Abuse You Should Know

5 Obstacles of Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment Patients

5 Reasons to Seek Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

5 Signs Cocaine Addiction May Be Developing in a Loved One

5 Solid Tips for Staying in Recovery through the Holiday Season

5 Things Nobody Tells You About How to Stop Drinking Permanently

5 Things to Do When You’ve Inherited Addition

5 Tips for Managing Your Health if Your Family Has a History of Addiction

5 Ways to Honor & Celebrate National Recovery Month

6 Mental Health Issues That VR Technology Already Helps With

6 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Drug Rehabilitation

6 Reminders for Proper Virtual Meeting Etiquette

6 Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal You Should Watch For

7 Boundaries to Maintain When Helping Someone with Addiction

7 Drunk Driving Facts and Statistics That Affect Your Patients

7 Reminders for Proper Meeting Etiquette

7 Self-Care Strategies for Social Workers

7 Self-Care Tips for First Responders During COVID-19 and Stress

A family guide to addiction and recovery

A guide to vacationing in recovery

A look at Hunter Biden: addiction, stereotypes, and stigmas

A Look into Social Isolation During the Pandemic

A Note on New Year’s Resolutions and Accountability

A Second Chance: Chris L.

Access to Addiction Treatment Restricted for Middle Class

Addicted in America: A look at addiction during the coronavirus pandemic

Addiction centers work to get back to in-person treatment

Addiction is a disease that needs serious treatment

Addiction is an isolating disease. Here’s how to treat it – with David Dorschu

Addiction is an isolating disease. Here’s how to treat it – with Steve Wicke

Addiction recovery centers adapt to COVID-19 pandemic; advocates urge people to seek help

Addiction Recovery Professional Jonathan M. Hall Named Director of outpatient Services at Recovery Centers of America-Danvers

Addiction Recovery Therapy: Changed Thinking + Changed Behavior = Changed Life

Addiction recovery with Recovery Centers of America

Addiction Risk Factors in the LGBTQIA+ Community

Addiction Treatment Centers New Ads Highlight Realities of Addiction

Addiction Treatment in Washington DC Gets Notable Expansion

Addictive Personality Definition, Traits, & Treatment

Addressing Opiate Withdrawal Stigma

Addressing the Gap – How to Explain a Period of Unemployment

Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol Awareness Month: Facing the Facts and Finding Hope

Alcohol Poisoning

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Go Virtual

Alicia Wells: Treatment Advocate for Recovery Centers of America at Indianapolis

Alleviating Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

Almost dying isn’t even enough to stop us

Am I Helping a Family Member with Addiction … or Hurting Them?

Am I ready to become a sponsor?

America is Turning to Alcohol to Cope With COVID-19

America’s Substance Use Disorder Problem May be Lurking in Your Medicine Cabinet

Amid a surge of overdoses, treatment programs at Lighthouse recovery center shine

An Evening with Tony Luke Jr.

Angela Answers: new addiction treatment facility in Indianapolis

Anxiety and Alcohol: A Dangerous Pairing

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month: 5 Reasons to Quit Drinking Now

Are You Dependent on Alcohol? Best Methods for How to Stop Drinking

Are You Enabling Your Loved One’s Addiction?

Are You Looking for the Best Heroin Addiction Recovery Program for Your Loved One?

Are You Wondering If Your Loved One Needs Heroin Treatment?

Armstrong Ambulance Administers CPR Lessons at Recovery Centers of America

As coronavirus rages on, the opioid epidemic does too

As U.S Drug Overdose Deaths Track To Be Deadliest In Recorded History, One Of Nation’s Top Treatment Centers Opens Doors In Pittsburgh Area

Athletes and Pain Meds

Athletes Like Golf Champ Tiger Woods Can Come Back from Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Avoiding Relapse

Bars closed and traffic dropped during the pandemic, but DUI arrests are up

Battle on the Homefront: Veterans, PTSD and Substance Abuse

Battling Addiction on the Frontlines: Help for Our Military

Behavioral health panel explores effective interventions for employees

Behavioral Healthcare Executive: RCA expands insurance coverage deal with Aetna

Behavioral Healthcare Executive: Three ways to stop patient brokering

Benefits of Group Treatment for Substance Abuse

Best Christian Books for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Breaking Down Barriers to Recovery from Addiction for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Breaking Down Barriers to Recovery from Addiction for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Breaking Stereotypes: Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate

Business Briefcase

Business Briefs: US HealthVest, Evernorth, Recovery Centers of America

Can Addiction Certified Medicine Make A Difference with Treatment?

Can detox Programs Help My Child? 5 Ways You Can Be Certain

Can Someone Coerced into Treatment Still Be Successful?

Can Washington Fix the Opioid Crisis?

Can you smoke cigarettes in rehab?

CARE Advisor Deni Carise to Speak at NCAD on Our ‘New Normal’

Carise: Industry Must Address Public’s Basic Questions About Treatment, Recovery

Casserole Diseases

CBT is not at odds with faith-based drug rehabilitation

Cecil Whig: RCA’s Bracebridge Hall Celebrates Expansion

Celebrating National Recovery Month 2022: Recovery is for Everyone

Chapter 1: Rock bottom hits hard

Choosing A Rehab Facility For A Loved One: 2 Critical Factors

Christine Turner, Leader in Health and Human Services, Joins Recovery Centers of America at Danvers as Clinical Director

Cocaine Eyes

Cocaine Identification

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline, and Treatment

Combatting SUDs requires collaboration with primary care

Community Members Gather to Discuss Growing Addiction Epidemic

Comparing inpatient and outpatient rehab success rates

Confronting 2020 alcohol-related deaths during COVID for Alcohol Awareness Month

Connecting Wellness And Recovery: RCA at Bracebridge Hall’s Personal Trainer Paul Norris

Connection and Your Recovery – The Importance of Creating Social Supports

Consider Yourself Invited!

Coping through the Coronavirus

Coping with Job Loss and Rebuilding Your Life

Coronavirus concerns shift addiction support online

Coronavirus isn’t stopping RCA’s addiction treatment

Coronavirus outbreak: How therapists stay connected to anxious, isolated clients during an uneasy time features Recovery Centers of America

Cowan Hired as Director of Nursing

Credit and Financial Management in Crisis and Beyond

Crucial First Steps in Recovery: Overcoming Withdrawal

Daily Local News: For Those Battling Drug Addiction, There’s Hope

Daily Local News: Recovery Centers of America Expands its Devon Facility

Danvers Executive Director Eli Naparstek on NorthShore 104.9

Danvers Rehab Center Offers Trauma Training Course

DanversCARES celebrates Danvers Public Schools students, volunteers and more at annual meeting

DanversCARES Hosts 6th Annual Light The Night Purple

Dates Without Drinks: 13 Awesome Philly Date Ideas

Dating While in Recovery: Here’s how

Delaware Business Now: Navigating the Holiday Season in Recovery

Delaying Your Love One’s Addiction Treatment Over the Holidays Can be Dangerous

Delaying Your Loved One’s Addiction Treatment Over The Holidays Can Be Dangerous

Delmarva Now: Former Addict Aims to Bring Recovery House to Ocean City

Demand for Addicts’ Help Will Require Expansion

Demi Lovato’s Apparent Overdose Leads to Awareness on Relapse

Demystifying the Myths of Alcohol

Developing Relationships that Support Your Recovery

Different Types of Detoxes From Heroin

Disconnection and Drug Addiction Recovery

Discover Success & Confidence in Sobriety for Young Adults 18+ in Danvers

Do You Know The Real Effects Of Alcohol Abuse?

Does outpatient Rehab Work as Well as inpatient?

Domenica Personti of Recovery Centers of America On How To Achieve Great Success After Recovering From An Addiction

Don’t Delay Getting Your Loved One Into Treatment During the Holidays

Don’t Forget About Us

Don’t Let Heroin Withdrawal Myths Hold You Back

Dr. and DA Take on Opioids

Dr. Deni Carise of Recovery Centers of America on Association Between Medical Marijuana & Opioid Deaths

Dr. Heidi Ginter on Boston Radio Station

Drug Abuse Symptoms That All Social Workers Should Look For

Drug and Alcohol Use in the United States Costs Over $1.45 Trillion Dollars – Study by Recovery Centers of America Demonstrates

Drug Company ‘Exploited’ Opioid Epidemic, Raised Cost of Overdose Drug 600%: Report

Drug overdoses reach all time high

Drugs In Greater Chicago Are Being Laced With Fentanyl

Dry January’s Over – How’d You Do?

Dual Diagnosis: Treating Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Dually Addicted: Eating Disorders Often Co-Exist With Substance Abuse

E-prescribing Tackles the Opioid Epidemic

Eating Disorders: There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Eliminate the Shame to Best Help Mom & Baby

Elms College School of Nursing Facebook page

Employment Guide for Recovering Addicts & Alcoholics

Enabling Addiction

Erasing the Shame of Addiction

Event to showcase need for LGBTQ+ spaces in substance use recovery programs

Everyone Needs Structure and Routine – Especially Now

Evidence-Based Practice is Important in Addiction Treatment

Expansion of Recovery Centers of America Bringing More Beds, Jobs to Devon

Expert: Quick Treatment for Addicts Bolsters Longterm Recovery

Experts Address Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Exploring Co-occurring Disorders During Mental Health Month

Facing the Reality of Addiction: Finding a detox Center

Facts about Substance Use on College Campuses: Binge Drinking is Down, Marijuana Smoking is Up

Faith Based Programs at Recovery Centers of America

FEATURED MOVER | Marcus Smith, RCA Capital Region

Fighting Cabin Fever in February: How to Stay Sober and Sane

Find freedom from active addiction

Find out what your drinking patterns really look like

Finding Effective Drug Rehab

Finding Recovery through Free Pizza

Finding spirituality and balance in recovery

Finding spirituality and balance in recovery 

Finding Support Groups for Families of Addicts

First responders need help overcoming drug and alcohol abuse, too

Five Health Reasons to Stop Drinking Today

For families of people in addiction, telling their stories can be a part of the healing process

For former addiction patients now in recovery, RCA at Devon provides a life- and career-changing second chance

For the Misuse or Abuse of A Drug, inpatient Rehab Centers Can Help

Former Marine and Jersey City native helps other vets overcome drug and alcohol abuse

FOX 29 Showcases Recovery Centers of America Battling Against the Opioid Epidemic

From Pastime to Problem: featuring RCA at St. Charles CEO Karen Wolownik Albert

From the Admissions Department: How Does outpatient Rehabilitation Work?

Get Substance Use Treatment In Chicago While Working

Getting to Know: Recovery Centers of America at Westminster CEO Kat Stevens

Give Back by Telling Your Story – It Could Save a Life

Good vs Bad Isn’t Always So Clear

Google Resumes Accepting Ads from Addiction Treatment Centers

Google Slowly Lifting Ban on Addiction Center Ads After Adding Vetting Process

Google Starts Showing Rehab Ads After a Lengthy Ban

Gratitude Journaling and Mental Health

Greater investment needed in addiction treatment

Has your alcohol consumption increased during the pandemic?

Healthcare and Nursing Expert Kimberly Cowan Named Director of Nursing at Recovery Centers of America-Westminster

Healthline: Should FDA Approve ‘Super Opioid’ That’s Stronger Than Fentanyl?

Healthy Habits: Are New Year’s Resolutions a Good Idea?

Healthy Habits: Efficient Workouts

Healthy Habits: National Nutrition Month

Help a Friend Month: How to Support A Friend During Drug Use or Relapses

Help Your Child Face Addiction With Family Intervention Services

Help Your Loved One Find Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Names the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Boston

Helping a Loved One With How to Stop Alcohol Addiction

Helping Frontline Medical and Behavioral Health Professionals Facing Substance Use Disorders Is Focus of New Recovery Centers of America Treatment Program in Massachusetts

Helping Those Who Help Us: Treatment for First Responders and Military Members

Her son’s death led to her opiate addiction. Now this nurse helps other recovering addicts

Here We Grow! RCA at Lighthouse Expands

Here’s why the U.S. can’t get its coronavirus testing act together

Here’s what to say when someone asks “Why aren’t you drinking?”

Heroes of the Opioid Crisis: “I believe that there is no reason for addiction to be one of the leading causes of death in the US” With Bill Cassidy of Recovery Centers of America

Heroin and the Brain: How Heroin Alters Brain Function

Heroin Withdrawal and Empathy

Hey Mom, Did You Smoke Pot?

Honoring International Overdose Awareness Day

Honoring nurses and recognizing their struggle for National Nurses Week

Hoping to Heal, Recovery Centers of America Offers New Program Directed at Youth

How (And Whether) to Tell Your Boss, Colleagues, Spouse, or Anyone Else About Your Substance Use Disorder

How COVID-19, addiction collided for what could be Delaware’s deadliest year yet

How Do I Tell My Family That I’m Addicted to Drugs?

How does outpatient rehab work?

How Employers Can Help Prevent Overdose and Suicide as Pandemic Waxes and Wanes

How Family Can Play an Important Role in Addiction Recovery

How Family Members & Friends Can Support Addiction Recovery

How Genetics Can Contribute To Problematic Drinking

How Heroin Became a Gateway Drug

How Labs Are Meeting The Demand For COVID-19 Testing

How Loneliness Fuels Addiction

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

How long should you be on Methadone?

How Long-Term Rehab Helps Treat Addiction

How Medications for Addiction Treatment Helps Addiction Recovery

How Much Does Addiction Cost Employers – And How Can Employers Help Address and Prevent Substance Abuse

How Real Survivors of the Opioid Crisis Brought Sno Babies to Life

How Substance Abuse Affects Families in Devon, PA

How Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Differ: What You Need to Know

How the Brain Hijacks Recovery

How the pandemic may have changed AA and recovery culture

How to Approach Your Employer About Treatment

How to be a good ally for someone in recovery

How to celebrate the 4th of July while in recovery

How To Combat Opioid Overdose Deaths in Indiana

How to Do an Intervention for a Friend or Loved One

How to Find the Best inpatient Drug Rehab Center

How To Get Ready For a Spouse Entering Long-Term Drug Rehab

How to Get Someone into Rehab

How to Help a Friend Dealing with Substance Use Disorder

How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member Without Enabling Them

How to help employees struggling with addiction

How to Identify Substance Abuse Triggers and Cope with Cravings

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions to quit drinking and drugs

How to know if you Have an Substance Abuse Disorder

How to Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude During Recovery

How To Overcome Addiction This Summer

How to Overcome Holiday Stress

How to Overcome Social Anxiety Without Alcohol

How to Spot Fentanyl Abuse in the Workplace – And What To Do About It

How to Stay Sober During the Holiday Season

How to Stop Heroin Addiction and Turn Your Life Around

How To Support A Friend Who’s In Recovery From Substance Use Disorder, According To Experts

How Trauma Changes the Brain

How We End the Opioid Epidemic

How We Measure and Report ‘Success’ in Addiction Treatment Matters

Hundreds look for solutions at Harrisburg overdose prevention conference

I’m in Recovery From Losing my Son

I’m in Recovery From Losing my Son

Ideas for Sober Fun This Summer

Identifying Signs of Addiction in a Loved One

iHeart Radio publishes Dr. Deni Carise blog

Illicit Drug Use and Excessive Drinking by Older Americans Expected to Grow

Importance of Addiction Treatment Resources

Important Opioid Overdose Statistics

In and Out: Facilities Treat Opioid Patients During and After Their Stay

In Maryland, Helping Correctional Officers Improve Mental Health

Indiana’s first addiction treatment program for first responders up and running

Indianapolis Clinical Director Darius Brannon talks about addressing mental health

Industry Leader Appointed CEO of Largest Addiction Treatment Center in Washington, D.C. Area

Inoculate yourself against boredom

inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in New York: Important Things to Consider

Inpatient treatment that allows you to work and study

International Overdose Awareness Day

Internationally Recognized Addiction Expert Educates Panel at Aetna Forum to Combat Opioid Epidemic

Is Addiction a Disease? Here’s What Our Visitors Had to Say

Is Cannabis Becoming Addictive? Some Experts Concerned Over Increase in Drug’s Potency

Is Dry January Still a ‘Thing’ During a Pandemic?

Isolation a Struggle for Those in Addiction Recovery

Isolation amid COVID-19 pandemic poses challenges to substance abuse recovery

It’s always a good time for treatment, especially right now

It’s Never Too Late to Quit

It’s Time to Quit Using… Stigmatized Words Like Relapse

Joani Gammill Joins Recovery Centers of America in Washington D.C. Area

Joani the Interventionist Joins RCA’s Maryland Center of Addiction Treatment

Jobs: Recovery Centers of America hiring hundreds as it expands in multiple states

Kaiser Health News: Drug Overdoses Causing Mortality Rates Not Seen Since AIDS Epidemic

Keeping in close contact with your sponsor & community

King of Prussia Company Subsidiary, Genetworx Laboratories, Shipping Up To 150,000 COVID-19 Tests Per Month

Knowing These Facts About Alcohol Abuse Could Save A Friend

Knowing Which Foods Are Good For Your Mood

Learn How to Stop Enabling an Addict

Learn the Basics of a 12-Step Program

Learning & Letting Go: Reflection, Forgiveness, and Moving Forward

Legal and Healthcare Expert Theresa Donovan Joins Recovery Centers of America at Danvers as Quality Manager

Let’s Talk About Complementary and Alternative Medicine in detox Centers in New Jersey

LGBTQIA+, Addiction & Stigmatization: There is Help!

License Approved, New CEO Named at Drug Treatment Facility in Danvers

Life After Addiction Treatment: What Comes Next?

Life after Cocaine: Navigating the Challenges of Recovery

Life After Heroin detox

Life-Saving Mission Brings Recovery Centers of America and Trenton Healthcare Together

Light at the End of the Tunnel – RCA at Lighthouse CEO Discusses Solutions for Recovery in the Pandemic

Living Recovery: True Stories of Addiction Recovery

Local organization helps to keep kids sober during summertime

Looking Back to Look Ahead in Recovery: Why This is Especially Important After Relapse

Lunenburg opioid task force to host panel on athletic injuries

Maintain School & Work Obligations While in Maryland Drug Rehab

Malden Resident Joins Recovery Centers of America

March is Alumni Spirit Month at Recovery Centers of America

Marijuana Industry Poised for Supercharged Growth Thanks to President Trump

Maryland Center for Addiction Treatment Celebrates Grand Opening with Community Open House

Maryland substance abuse experts say more access to treatment and medications is essential to combating opioid crisis

Massachusetts MAT Expert Recruited by Recovery Centers of America Treatment Center to Help Combat Opioid Crisis

May is Mental Health Awareness Month: How to Ask for Help

Mays Landing addiction recovery center works to overcome resistance to treatment

Md. Center for Addiction Treatment to Open in Waldorf

Medical Marijuana Used Pot’s Emotional Connection to Spread Nationally

Meet the 2020 Healthcare Heroes Redefining Medicine

Meeting patients where they are

Mental Health for Student Veterans

Mental Health Issues Exploded During the COVID-19 Pandemic Including Eating Disorders

Mental health, addictions take center stage at New York Fashion Week

Mercer County Providing Help to its Opioid-Dependent Citizens

Meth Overdose

Meth Use and Cancer: 4 Myths, Debunked

Methadone Treatment Programs

Millennials & Alcohol Misuse: We Can’t Afford to be Laser-focused on Opioids Alone

Mixing Pot and Tobacco Increases Dependence Risk: Study

More People Are Using Cocaine. Is Pop Culture to Blame?

Mothers and children finding hope in recovery together

My Surrender Moment

Myths Surrounding Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) For Opioid Addiction

Naloxone: Lifesaver or Opioid Enabler?

National Addiction Expert Warns of Deepening Drug and Alcohol Epidemic as U.S. Overdose Deaths Soar

National Addiction Expert Warns There’s a Bigger Threat Looming Than Opioids

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

National Intervention Expert Joins Recovery Centers of America in Washington, D.C. Area

Navigating the Seas of Addiction and Recovery with Dr. Kerry King, Vice President of Clinical Services at RCA

New Addiction Treatment Center Seeks World-class CEO

New data shows synthetic opioids outpacing other drugs in overdose deaths

New Program in Devon Helps Younger Addicts Recover

New Program to Help First Responders

New Recovery Program Shows Users Are More Likely To Stay Sober if They Help Others

New specialized addiction treatment program for patients with co-occurring disorders launched at four Recovery Centers of America facilities

New specialized addiction treatment program offered in Waldorf

New Support Program for Patients Who Have Completed Addiction Treatment Boosts Substance Use Disorder Patients First Year in Recovery at Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse

Newsweek Recognizes Six Recovery Centers of America Facilities as Top Addiction Treatment Providers

Next Step: Finding a Job After Addiction Treatment

NJ recovery center seeks to help veterans, first responders battling addictions

No Such Thing As “Harmless Experimenting” Anymore

North of Boston radio show with Dr. Heidi Ginter

NSCC & Recovery Centers of America Danvers Partner to Train Occupational Therapy Assistant Students

Office-Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) Brings a New Purpose to Many

Ohio native, RCA alumnus Donnie Johnson tackles Boston with his Herren Project teammates

On National Alcohol Screening Day, Find Out What Your Drinking Patterns Really Look Like

On National Recovery Month, with addiction rates soaring, Recovery Centers of America reminds us that saving one life saves many

One of the Largest Addiction Treatment Centers in the World Opens in Washington DC Metro Area

Online Outpatient Alcohol Treatment—A New, More Convenient Approach

Online Sobriety

Open House at Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay

Opiate vs. Opioid – Do You Know the Difference?

Opioid Addiction is Fueling Overdose Deaths in Massachusetts

Opioid Addiction Treatment Expert Joins Recovery Centers of America to Fight Epidemic

Opioid Addiction Treatment with Medicine Works Best—Why Don’t More Young People Get It?

Opioid Crisis Spurs a Surge in Treatment Centers

Our mission at Recovery Centers of America (RCA) is to help 1 million patients

Our People: Mike Frisbie

Our Team in Recovery: Bill K

Our young people are suffering from addiction

outpatient Addiction Treatment is Crucial for Recovery – Here’s Why

Overcome Addiction and Move On With Your Life – Dawn Belamarich – CEO Recovery Centers of America

Overcoming addiction

Overcoming Addiction with CEO of RCA Lighthouse, Dawn Belamarich

Overdose deaths, fentanyl and stigma — realities and opportunities

Overdoses Hit Record High

OVERSHADOWED CRISIS: Opioid epidemic deepens during coronavirus pandemic

OxyContin and the Opioid Epidemic: Here’s the Truth Behind the Hulu Series ‘Dopesick’

PA Bill to Add Buprenorphine Prescribing Restrictions Revived

Painkillers and Withdrawal Management

Parents with Alcoholic Children

Pastor Jason Krail on the power of the 12 Steps

Pastor Jason Krail recounts his recovery journey through Christian faith

Pennsylvania Needs More Than Public Health Emergency

Pennsylvania Secretary of Drug and Alcohol Programs Jen Smith Reminds Public That Substance Use Disorder Treatment Centers are Open and New Patients are Being Admitted Amid COVID-19

People in addiction treatment are losing crucial support during coronavirus pandemic

Philadelphia Sues Opioid Drugmakers Over Role in ‘Public Health Nightmare’

PhillyVoice: First Responders Getting a Special Kind of Addiction Treatment

Pittsburgh area teacher, basketball coach who struggled with addiction shares journey to recovery

Police aren’t social workers. Some local departments want them at the scene.

Practicing Self-Love this Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Prescription Drug Abuse May Be Closer Than You Think

Prescription Drug Addiction Symptoms

Professional Intervention Is Part of ‘Journey to America’s Recovery’ for Families of Those Struggling With Addiction

Promoting Addiction Recovery Is Focus of September 14 Westminster 5K Run/Walk held by Recovery Centers of America and Joint Coalition on Health’s Facing Addiction Project

Pros And Cons Of Long-Term Rehab Centers

Protect Your Recovery: 4 Tips on Staying Sober Over the Holidays

PTSD & Drug Abuse: 6 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

PTSD and Drug Abuse: A Vicious Cycle of Avoidance and Despair

Public Health Officials Worry Coronavirus Could Lead To New Overdose Risks

RCA Adds 16 Beds for Treatment

RCA at Bracebridge Hall Warriors program provides camaraderie and accountability to men in recovery

RCA at Lighthouse CEO Dawn Belamarich Discusses the Effects of COVID-19 on Addiction Treatment

RCA at Lighthouse CEO Dawn Belamarich in South Jersey Biz Women to Watch List

RCA at Lighthouse Team Honor National Recovery Month

RCA at Voorhees Director of outpatient Services, Fallon O’Connell Guest on the Radio Show “Talk with a Purpose”

RCA Capital Region’s Victoria Metcalf Discusses the Opioid Crisis on ABC7’s Addicted in America

RCA Chief Medical Director discusses Alcohol Awareness Month

RCA Chief Science Officer on overcoming addiction

RCA Clinical Director and Director of Interventions Describe the Real Work of Recovery

RCA clinical director discusses mental health and baseball

RCA Danvers Named A Best Treatment Facility In MA: Newsweek

RCA Experts Weigh in on Opioid Epidemic Worsening During Holidays & the Pandemic

RCA interventionalist explains the intricacies of intervention

RCA Launches First Responder Residential Program

RCA Launches Treatment Programs for Young Adults

RCA Opens 140-bed Center in Maryland

RCA Opens Ninth inpatient Addiction Treatment Facility in Indianapolis

RCA partners with group psychiatric practice in Massachusetts

RCA partners with group to lead medical operations in Danvers

RCA Plants First Flag in Midwest with New Facility

RCA Presents Training For Upper Darby Township Employers

RCA Radio Hour Celebrates Long-Term Recovery

RCA Radio Hour Discusses Sober Summer

RCA Radio Hour Explains the Importance of Family for Recovery

RCA Radio Hour explores community outreach and treatment

RCA Radio Hour explores families in recovery during the holidays

RCA Radio Hour Explores Intersections between Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Disorders

RCA Radio Hour Explores Pain, Connection and Hope

RCA Radio Hour explores spirituality and recovery

RCA Radio Hour Explores the Hard Realities of Substance Use Disorder

RCA Radio Hour honors Mental Health Month

RCA Radio Hour spotlights first responders in recovery

RCA Radio Hour Touches on Alcohol Awareness Month, and Guest Pastor Jason Krail Shares his Recovery Story

RCA Recovery Advocates Share Stories of Overcoming Struggle and Living a Life of Recovery

RCA Recovery Instructor and RCA Alum Discuss Freedom in Recovery

RCA recovery instructor describes journey of recovery

RCA Recovery Radio Hour Spotlights Frontline

RCA Sees 300% Patient Growth, Continues Its Expansion Across U.S.

RCA Senior VP on the struggle to overcome addiction

RCA St. Charles CEO Karen Wolownik Albert interview with Freddy Jones Band bassist Rich Ross

RCA Westminster Adds 16 Beds, 32 Employees

RCA’s Dr. Deni Carise Writes Opinion Piece in The Philadelphia Inquirer

RCA’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Carise Quoted in Pharmacy Times on ‘Charlie’s Law’

RCA’s COO JP Christen elected to the Board of Directors of NABH

RCA’s Dr. Heidi Ginter was interviewed on the “Greater Boston Today” show

RCA’s First Responders Program helps those who help others

RCA’s innovative LGBTQIA+ program was highlighted on the Ask the Messengers TV Show

RCA’s Treatment Model Showcased in Treatment Magazine

Rebuilding Relationships in Recovery—Reconnecting with Oneself and Others

Rebuilding Your Life and Finding Purpose After Addiction

Recognizing Codependency as the First Step Toward Treatment

Recognizing Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

Recovering Addicts Extend Thanks to First Responders

Recovery Can Be a Trip – Take the First Step Here

Recovery Center of America’s National Addiction Expert Urges Treatment Providers to Offer MAT at NCAD conference

Recovery Centers For America Offers Program Specifically Designed To Help Struggling First Responders

Recovery Centers Names CEO

Recovery Centers Of America (RCA) Expands Chicagoland Growth With Opening Of RCA outpatient Facility At South Elgin

Recovery Centers of America Adds Needed Standalone Mental Health outpatient Services

Recovery Centers of America and AtTAck Addiction Host Tony Luke, Jr. To Discuss The Opioid Epidemic

Recovery Centers of America Announces $1000 College Scholarship for Students Seeking to Help Those Impacted by Substance Use Disorders

Recovery Centers of America announces new Trauma Track to meet vast demand of people struggling with Addiction and Trauma

Recovery Centers of America Announces Shrewsbury Resident as CEO

Recovery Centers of America Appoints Adam Birckner, MPA as CEO

Recovery Centers of America Appoints Distinguished Mental Health Experts for New Behavioral Health Strategy and Treatment Services

Recovery Centers of America Appoints Two Leaders in Addiction Treatment Field as New CEO’s in Massachusetts and Maryland

Recovery Centers of America at Bracebridge Hall Celebrates Five Years of Saving Lives from Addiction

Recovery Centers of America at Devon … it’s not just for addiction recovery anymore

Recovery Centers of America at Devon Celebrates Five Years Saving Lives from the Disease of Addiction

Recovery Centers of America at Devon Commemorates Lives Lost to Addiction in Special Ceremony on International Overdose Awareness Day

Recovery Centers of America at Indianapolis Launches New Specialized Addiction Program for LGBTQIA+ Population in Midwest

Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse Celebrates 5 Years of Saving Lives from Addiction

Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse Celebrates Expansion of 150% Increased Capacity with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Tours of New State-of-the-Art-Space

Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse Doubles Bed Capacity and Increases Workforce to 240 Employees, Becomes the Largest Addiction Treatment Provider in South Jersey

Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse Spiritual Advisor and Alumni Member Discuss Christian Faith and Recovery

Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay Battles Addiction in North Jersey/New York with On-Site COVID-19 PCR Testing and Extra Medical Staff

Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay’s RESCU Program Named 2022 NJBIZ Healthcare Hero Honoree

Recovery Centers of America at St. Charles and South Elgin announce 2 new specialized treatment programs, “Discover” & “Balance” during May Mental Health Awareness month

Recovery Centers of America at St. Charles and South Elgin stress the dangers of alcohol during April Alcohol Awareness Month

Recovery Centers of America at St. Charles Designated as a Blue Distinction® Center for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery

Recovery Centers of America at Waldorf Hosts First-ever “United Against Addiction” Education Summit

Recovery Centers of America at Waldorf Upgrades Name to The Maryland Center for Addiction Treatment

Recovery Centers of America at Westminster Celebrates Five Years of Saving Lives from Addiction

Recovery Centers of America at Westminster CEO Kat Stevens Receives Prestigious 40 Under Forty Outstanding Leader Award

Recovery Centers of America Backs Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs’ Effort to Expand Evidence-Based Training

Recovery Centers of America battles substance abuse crisis during pandemic

Recovery Centers of America Becomes a Humana Military Participating Provider

Recovery Centers of America Capital Region weighs in on addiction and mental health

Recovery Centers of America Certified as Elite Addiction Treatment Provider

Recovery Centers of America Certified to Advertise on Facebook

Recovery Centers of America Chooses Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner as Scholarship Student Winner

Recovery Centers of America Chooses Psychiatric Nurse Practitoner as Scholarship Student Winner

Recovery Centers Of America Collaborates With Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions To Introduce Virtual Reality Treatment Enhancement At Two Maryland Facilities

Recovery Centers of America Commends Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Call for New Federal Legislation to Combat the Opioid Crisis

Recovery Centers of America Danvers Provides Free, Safe and Comfortable Meeting Space for Organizations and Support Groups Within the Community

Recovery Centers of America donates $56,000 to Berwyn Fire Company and Easttown Police Department

Recovery Centers of America Expands Capacity

Recovery Centers of America Expands Devon Facility in Response to Demand

Recovery Centers of America Expands Health Insurance Coverage for Substance Use Disorder Patients in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Massachusetts

Recovery Centers of America expands in South Jersey

Recovery Centers of America in St. Charles holds virtual kick-off event

Recovery Centers of America Increases Capacity, Offering More Individuals and Families Access to Quality, Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Recovery Centers of America Invites Communities to Unite Against Addiction

Recovery Centers of America Issues Statement Regarding Governor Wolf’s Declaration of Statewide Heroin and Opioid Disaster Emergency

Recovery Centers of America Launches Collaborative Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program for First Responders in New Jersey

Recovery Centers of America Launches Groundbreaking Education Program for Addiction Treatment Professionals

Recovery Centers of America Launches Groundbreaking Program to Help First Responders

Recovery Centers of America Launches Groundbreaking Program to Help First Responders Overcome Substance Use Disorders

Recovery Centers of America Launches New Specialized Addiction Program for LGBTQIA+ Population in Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia

Recovery Centers of America Launches Program to Help First Responders Overcome Substance Use

Recovery Centers of America Launches Program to Help First Responders Overcome Substance Use Disorders

Recovery Centers of America Launches Scholarship Program to Support Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals

Recovery Centers of America Launches Young Adult Programs

Recovery Centers of America Named Tier 1 Provider of Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Healthcare Transformation Consortium Team Members

Recovery Centers of America Offers Virtual Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Education Classes at No Cost to Communities Nationwide

Recovery Centers of America Opens Its First Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Pennsylvania

Recovery Centers of America Opens Medication-Assisted Treatment Clinic in Trenton

Recovery Centers of America Opens New Outpatient Treatment Center In Malvern, Pennsylvania To Treat Mental Health Conditions

Recovery Centers of America partners to end prescription drug abuse

Recovery Centers of America Program Helps Struggling First Responders

Recovery Centers of America Puts Families First

Recovery Centers of America Raises $231.5 Million to Revolutionize Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Healthcare and Become One of the World’s Largest Providers by Bringing Comprehensive Centers for Addiction Medicine to US Neighborhoods

Recovery Centers of America Rebrands as Md. Center for Addiction Treatment

Recovery Centers of America Renames Its Southern Maryland Treatment Center As Increasing Numbers Of Patients Choose RCA Brand

Recovery Centers of America RESCU Treatment Advocate on Service to First Responders and Military Communities

Recovery Centers of America Saving Lives, One Patient at a Time

Recovery Centers of America Shares Dry January Tips for Living and Learning

Recovery Centers of America to Launch Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program for First Responders

Recovery Centers of America to Open Second Substance Use Rehabilitation Center in Maryland

Recovery Centers of America to provide $1,000 college scholarship

Recovery Centers of America to Provide In-Network Treatment to Many Tufts Health Plan Members Suffering from Substance Use Disorder

Recovery Centers of America Unites South Jersey Community Against Addiction

Recovery Centers of America-Danvers Names Laura Ames CEO

Recovery Centers of America-Danvers Partners with Square Medical Group to Provide Medical Directorship and Behavioral Health Services

Recovery Centers of America-Westminster Expands to 64 Beds to Meet Increasing Demand for Substance Use Disorder

Recovery Centers of America’s Medication Assisted Treatment Clinic, Trenton Healthcare Clinic, Celebrates Open House

Recovery Centers of America’s Pastor Jason Krail carries the message of hope

Recovery Centers of America’s South Elgin outpatient center joins in Random Acts of Kindness Day Feb. 17

Recovery Radio Hour on Boston’s WPKZ

Recovery Rocks

Recovery While Home Kickstart


Reframing Holidays in Early Recovery

Rehab Center in Danvers Aims to Boost Care with New Professionals

Report Looks at Rehab Deaths

Rising Opioid Use in New Jersey

Say “No” to Toxic Relationships

Second Chances: Nic P

Seeing Past the Secrets: Recognizing Heroin Addiction Signs

Selfie Podcast with Dr. Deni Carise

Sen. Joan Lovely Addresses Chamber on Ongoing Opioid Epidemic

Service and Your Recovery: Working the 12th Step

Should I Test my Teen for Drugs?

Should You Fill that Opioid Script?

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Signs of Drug Addiction – Dying To Be Noticed

Signs of Fentanyl Addiction

Sober Fun Activities In South Jersey

Sober Happy Hours, Coming To A Town Near You

Sober Spring Break: How to Keep Yourself From Relapsing

Sober summer break

Sober summer suggestions

Sober Summer: A Guide to Vacationing in Recovery

Social Drinking vs a Drinking Problem: What’s the Difference?

Social Media After Addiction Treatment

Some Common Holiday Addiction Triggers, & How to Avoid Them

Some High-Profile Celebrities Who Overcame Their Addiction

Someone not drinking alcohol? It’s none of your business.

Sometimes Even Friends Can Lead to Substance Abuse Relapse in Baltimore

South Jersey Community Leader Dawn Belamarich Promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse in Mays Landing, New Jersey

Specialized treatment for the LGBTQIA+ community

St. Charles CEO Karen Wolownik Albert speaks on WBBM Radio Chicago

St. Patrick’s Day: When You Splurge….or Get Drug Addiction Help?

Stages of Alcoholism

Starting Fresh: Developing New Coping Mechanisms in Recovery

State Awards License to Recovery Centers of America Facility in Chicagoland

Stay-Home Orders, Relationships, and Your Recovery

Staying Sober During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Staying Sober During the Pandemic

Stephanie Anderson Named CEO of Recovery Centers of America Indianapolis

Strength in Recovery Podcast

Strength in Recovery podcast, Episode 2: The Power of Surrender with Marguerite Warner

Strength in Recovery podcast, Episode 3: Confronting Change with Joey Johnson

Strength in Recovery podcast, Episode 4: Getting Honest with Jeremy Jameson

Strength in Recovery podcast, Episode 5: Acceptance & Serenity with Ben DeCamp

Substance Abuse & the Bar A Rare Approach to Treatment

Substance Abuse Facts and Usage Trends

Substance Abuse Prevention Strategies in Monroeville, PA

Substance Abuse Program Is Designed Specifically For Healthcare Workers

Substance abuse treatment program for first responders launches in Indianapolis

Substance Use Disorder & Divorce – Is There a Connection?

Substance Use Disorder in Massachusetts and Beyond

Substance use disorder treatment program for first responders launches in Indianapolis

Success of RCA Devon’s new PRISE program for patients who have relapsed

Successful Coping Strategies to Manage Depression & Anxiety

Sunday Business Page: Michael Ogden

Sunday Business Page: Recovery Centers of America In Monroeville

Supporting the bravest among us: Raising awareness about substance use disorder

Surprising facts about alcohol abuse in the Philly area

Surprising Findings about Substance Abuse on College Campuses

Surprising Stats About Seniors and Oxycodone Addiction

Tackling Football Season Sober

Tackling the top barriers to treatment

Taking the First Step

Talking to Your Children about Substance Use with RCA’s Tara Rivera

Telehealth & the Democratization of Healthcare: Making Addiction Treatment Available to All People

Telehealth Best Practices: Caitlyn Higgins Of Recovery Centers of America at Raritan Bay On How To Best Care For Your Patients When They Are Not Physically In Front Of You

The 12 Steps and MAT Can Co-Exist in Addiction Recovery

The Benefits & Limitations of 12-Step Programs for Addiction

The Best Addiction Treatments Today: What to Look for When Seeking Help

The common and tricky co-occurrence of PTSD and substance use disorder

The Cost of Methadone Treatments

The Definition of Opiates: A Medical Perspective

The Disease of Addiction Explained

The fight against addiction in New Jersey — help is here

The Hardest Part of the Holidays: Your Family Seeing You Like This

The Hidden Effects of Alcohol Abuse

The Hidden Effects of Binge Drinking

The Hidden Signs and Symptoms of Pill Addiction

The Importance of Addiction Treatment Even (and Especially) Amid COVID-19

The Importance of Making Friends in Recovery

The Importance of Music Therapy for Addiction Treatment

The Importance of Urgency – Don’t Wait to Start Addiction Treatment

The Issue of Relapse and Addiction Tackled by Recovery Centers of America in New Treatment Program at Devon, PA Campus

The Local Aftermath of Pharma Greed — Delmarva Area Saturated with Opioid Pills According to DEA Files

The Mental Health Crisis in the United States   

The Million-Person Challenge

The Morning Call: Recovery from Heroin is Hard, but Achievable

The Most Common Theme in Addiction

The Most Effective Treatment Methods for Opiate Addiction

The Myth of the Functioning Alcoholic

The opioid epidemic didn’t go away. It has gotten worse

The opioid tide is rising

The Opposite of Addiction is Connection – Peer Support in Recovery

The Reality and the Hope:
Drug & Alcohol Addiction Quotes for Families

The Relationship Between PTSD and Alcohol Abuse

The science of addiction and mental health

The Science of Recovery: Understanding Opiates & Opioids

The Significance of National Recovery Month

The Six Most Addictive Drugs & Their Side Effects

The Stigma of Addiction: Let’s Tell the Truth About How Deadly and Local It Really Is

The Stigmas Around Methadone Clinics

The Treatment Centers New Jersey Has Been Waiting For

The Truth Behind Opiate Addiction Statistics

The Washington Post: The Health 202: Here’s what is in the Senate opioid bill—and what didn’t make the cut

Theresa Donovan named Quality Manager at Recovery Centers of America Danvers

These 5 Heroin Addiction Statistics May Shock You

Thriving in Sobriety: 7 Tips to Cure Boredom in Recovery

Time for an inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Center?

Tips For Making A Fresh Start In 2023

Tips For Rising Above Seasonal Affective Disorder

Tips for those in recovery for maintaining sobriety during coronavirus pandemic

Tips for Thriving Through the Holiday Season

To Meet Demand, Recovery Centers of America Opens New Addiction Treatment Facility in New Jersey, Outside of New York City

Top 5 Things to Do to Avoid Relapse

Top Addiction Treatment Center In Washington D.C. Area Names New Chief Executive For Battle Against Opioid And Alcohol Epidemic

Top Addiction Treatment Healthcare Network, Recovery Centers Of America, Announces Massive Hiring Push Across Six States To Meet The Demand Of The National Mental Health Crisis

Top Reasons to Choose a Sober Living Home

Trashing Old Meds? Here’s What You Need to Know

Trauma & Substance Abuse Expert to Provide Free Continuing Education Training

Treating Co-occurring Disorders Together for Mental Health Month

Treatment Facility: What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Treatment Options Exist for Opiate Dependent Pregnant Women at All Stages of Their Pregnancy

Trenton Healthcare Offers Unparalleled outpatient Care to Opioid-Dependent Residents of the Tri-State Area

Trying to Treat the Opioid Epidemic

Two Hope for Addiction Education Scholarships Awarded to Students by Recovery Centers of America

Two New RCA Opioid Treatment Programs Open to Battle Addiction in Middlesex County and Camden County, New Jersey

Two New Senior Executives Announced at Recovery Centers of America

Two Rivers, 30 Minutes Radio Show Featuring Michael Ogden

Understanding the Complexity of Addiction: The Interplay of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

Understanding the Consequences of Drug Use on the Brain

Understanding the Dangers of Intravenous Drug Use

Understanding the Impact of Drug Use on Mental Health

Understanding the Importance of Alcohol Awareness Month

Understanding the Need for Co-occurring Disorder Treatment Centers

Understanding Trauma in Addiction Treatment

US News & World Report: Should Parents Call the Police on Their Opioid-Addicted Kids?

Vice President of Family and Clinical Programming at RCA Discusses the Importance of Family for Recovery

Victoria Metcalf | RCA Capital Region

Video: Experts Say its Crucial to Get Help Before Holidays

Video: Substance Abuse: a talk w/ Dr. Carise, Recovery Centers of America & Steve Killelea, Manor of Hope

Virtual support, no matter where you are

What Are Some Common Signs of Drug Use?

What Are the Most Dangerous Drugs in Maryland?

What Are the Negative Health Effects of Chronic Meth Use?

What Does A Morphine High Look Like?

What Does Cannabis Legalization Mean for Illinois Drug Use?

What Does Intervention Look Like

What Does it Mean to Be a Treatment Advocate?

What Does Teen Substance Abuse Look Like?

What Every Social Worker Should Know About Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey

What Happens After Addiction Treatment?

What is a Clinician’s Role in Opiate detox and Treatment?

What is a Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery?

What is an Evidence Based Rehabilitation Center?

What Is an Intervention? (And Does It Always Have to Be a Surprise?)

What Is Codependency And How Do We Identify It?

What is Crystal Meth And Why Is It So Addictive?

What is Life Like After Rehab?

What is New Jersey’s most dangerous drug addiction?

What is the Most Dangerous Drug in the State of Indiana?

What is Trauma?

What Makes Alcohol Addictive?

What Stage of Recovery Are You in?

What to Know About the Opioid Crisis in Maryland

What to Look For in a Treatment Program

What was lost when covid forced addiction support groups online — and what was gained

What You Need to Know About Heroin Addiction Treatment

What You Need to Know About the Opiate Epidemic

What You Should Know About Mental Health and Substance Abuse Before Planning an Intervention

What’s Your View on the Use of Methadone, Suboxone and VIVITROL® for Substance Use Disorder?

When it’s time to get into drug rehab, what do I do?

When someone is too afraid to ask for help …

When Your Child is an Addict: A Conversation with Linda Henderson

Where Does Trust Fit Into Recovery?

Why Aftercare & Ongoing Support is Crucial to Recovery

Why are Support Groups for Families of Drug Addicts Important?

Why fall & winter are times when addicts get the most help

Why is Meth Addiction so Hard to Overcome

Why Loved Ones of Opioid Addicts Should Join a Support Group

Why Not Try “Dry February” Too?

Why now is the time to seek addiction treatment

Why Professional and Collegiate Athletes Need Specialized Treatment

Why You Should Think of Addiction as a Disease

With fentanyl addiction on the rise, Camden County gains another methadone center

With pandemic, addiction treatment facilities see an increase in patients

Woman of Distinction Just announced in PBJ

Women of RCA: Admissions Department Supervisor Michele Tedesco

Women of RCA: Interventionist Tami Moylan

Women of RCA: Talent Acquisition Specialist Megan Harsche

Women slam ‘demeaning’ stereotype rarely discussed in polite society: ‘The damage has been done’

World-Class Healthcare CEO Desired to Lead New Addiction Treatment Center in Waldorf, Maryland

You Are Not Alone – Recovery Centers of America’s Bill Koroncai

You have to love it – Danvers nurses reflect at the start of National Nurses Week

You should never detox at home – especially now

You’re Invited to Take Part in Overdose Awareness Day

Young People in Recovery and Recovery Centers of America Partner with Twitter for Live Q & A on Addiction and Recovery

Your Addiction Expert: A Typical Day in Treatment

Your Addiction Expert: Narcan

Your loved one wants to leave rehab early: Now what?



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