As a part of RCA at Lighthouse, you will be joining the forefront of the battle against substance abuse epidemic sweeping New Jersey and directly contribute to RCA’s efforts to bring high quality, affordable addiction treatment to those in need of help. The drug overdose rate in New Jersey is three times higher than the national average and, tragically, five residents of our beloved state lose their lives every single day on average. The enormity of the battle before us and the opportunity to make a huge difference in our community and in thousands of human lives is what makes a career at RCA Lighthouse far more than just a job. At Lighthouse you will join an energetic group of professionals that display an overwhelming level of care and compassion for the patients they serve.

Built as a beautiful, five-star medical facility, New Jersey’s Lighthouse was RCA’s first inpatient addiction treatment center to open in March of 2016 with 53 beds available for patients. Since then, RCA at Lighthouse has developed by leaps and bounds, expanding by 80 residential beds, bringing the total number of patient beds available from 53 to 133, as well as growing the RCA Lighthouse team to over 200 motivated employees. Rapid growth and dedication to South Jersey’s community has allowed RCA at Lighthouse to treat over 5,000 patients and put a significant dent in the local substance misuse epidemic. However, our mission to save 1,000,000 lives is only just beginning and our commitment to improving our community is unwavering. That’s why we need even more driven individuals to join the RCA Lighthouse family.

Lighthouse Facility:


One of the keys to the success for RCA at Lighthouse is great management. Its management team has a proven track record of high quality addiction treatment. At RCA, we believe that strong leadership isn’t just great for the company, it’s also an opportunity to learn from the best and grow as a professional.

Chief Executive Officer
David Dorschu, MS
David has over 15 years of experience in the substance abuse field and various leadership positions, including Clinical Director, Risk Management Director, QA Director, Outpatient Program Director, and CEO of RCA at Lighthouse.

Chief Medical Officer
Edward Quirk, MD
36 years of medical experience and holds board certifications in Addiction Medicine, Preventive Medicine Subspecialty, and Anesthesiology, and is a Certified Medical Review Officer.

Executive Director
Dawn Belamarich Berry, LPC, LCADC, CCS, ICGC-II
Dawn has been an influential leader within the field, carrying roles such as therapist, supervisor, and administrator, and she developed an unrelenting passion for working with those dealing with addiction.

Director of Admissions and Utilization Review
Corey B. Richey, MS
An Atlantic County native, she has watched firsthand the effect drug and alcohol addiction has had on Southern New Jersey, especially with limited resources devoted to quality inpatient substance abuse care.

As a professional with over twenty years in the field of addiction treatment and a minister, I know that it is the passion of the team at Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse that carries us to serve our patients every day with love and respect. The epidemic has thus far produced havoc in New Jersey. Our overdose rate is three times higher than the national average. Every day, an average of five residents lose the battle each year the number of overdose deaths continues to increase.

RCA’s vision brought me here because the enormity of the battle before us necessitates a vision more powerful than the shame producing stigma that society places on our patients, and more hope producing than the desperate cries of those struggling with this battle.

The vision has been the driving force in drawing the most incredible, outstanding, and talented team of professionals to Lighthouse. Our patients are the reason we are here. We dare them to dream while we call the greatness out of them, while we offer to hold their hands as they take that initial, sometimes scary step of believing in themselves and their futures once again.

RCA has declared independence from the destruction and misery of addiction, independence from parents wondering if today is the day they receive the call that their child lost the battle, independence from children looking at Mommy or Daddy and asking why they were not more important than drugs or alcohol.
I warmly invite you to come and tour our facility. That will be an opportunity for us to share our treatment philosophy with you; we call it our Neighborhood Model, because people need the opportunity to heal where they live, with the support of loved ones and our dedicated treatment professionals.”

David Dorschu, CEO


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The Admissions Department is the first point of contact for patients entering RCA’s facilities. Empathy and professionalism are key so new patients, who are just starting their recovery journey, feel comforted and reassured. Admissions works directly with the Mission Center at the King of Prussia office to obtain intake information for pre-screened, pre-authorized patients scheduled for admission in order to complete the admissions process at their respective facilities. Admissions professionals guide newly arrived patients through the full gamut of physical screening, performing Bio-Psycho-Social, Medical, & Psychiatric assessments, and entering patient health data and history into our Electronic Health Record System (Avatar) as necessary.

Case Management

The Case Management Department is responsible for patient aftercare. Case Managers work directly with patients under their care, as well as alongside the clinical department. They also put together a discharge plan detailing where the patient will go after they finish their inpatient stay at RCA, follow up services, and treatments the patient will need.


The Clinical Department is responsible for implementing new programs and treatments, as well as also making sure all existing treatments are consistently meeting patient needs. They gather patient feedback and report relevant data up the chain. Clinical is also in charge of distributing printed educational materials such as workbooks, handouts, and patient assessments. Clinical consists of accredited experts in the field of addiction treatment who are expected to offer guidance and expertise to patients as well as the staff at their respective facilities. The Clinical Department also includes therapists who manage a wide profile of patient cases offering group, individual, and family counseling.


The Housekeeping Department is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of RCA facilities. They preform day to day activities to ensure that all patient rooms and meeting spaces are maintained to RCA’s high standards.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department manages a range of different functions at RCA facilities. This department is responsible for recruiting, screening, and interviewing qualified candidates. Human Resources also handles employee relations, payroll administration, benefits, and plays a strategic role in managing people and the workplace culture and environment.


The Medical Department is the highest authority when it comes to ensuring all patients are physically stable during their stay at Recovery Centers of America. Should a medical emergency ever arise, the Medical Department is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every patient entering an RCA facility undergoes a thorough health assessment by the Medical Department. The Medical Department determines which medication protocols are appropriate during detox, inpatient stay, and medication assisted treatment where applicable. They also offer medical insight to the facility staff whenever necessary and provide guidance during admissions of medically complicated cases. Patients with co-occurring physical ailments rely on the Medical Department for assessments and treatment planning.


The Nursing Department’s key role is maintaining physical stability and safety of all patients. Members of the Nursing Department perform regular rounds to consistently asses the physical wellbeing of monitored patients and administer medications when necessary. Nursing works under the guidance of the Medical Department.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department ensures proper documentation occurs as required by law, as well as for internal company usage. They are also responsible for processing and responding to all incident reports originating at their home site. This department serves as Corporate’s independent oversight team, ensuring all operations comply with applicable laws, regulations, and rules such as State Regulations, Accreditors HIPAA, 42 CFR Part 2 and plays an essential role in preserving RCA’s integrity and reputation.

Recovery Support Specialists

RCA’s Recovery Support Specialists are a very important part of the Clinical Department. Often the most common point of contact for patients, they maintain order at their respective facilities, guide patients to their scheduled groups and meetings, and ensure an efficient flow of day to day activities. They also offer one-on-one support to patients when appropriate. Recovery Support Specialists are compassionate and empathetic, they often form close bonds with RCA patients.


The Transportation Department provides patient transportation to and from RCA facilities, as well as takes patients on scheduled field trips and doctors appointments as necessary.

Utilization Review

The Utilization Review Department acts as a liaison between our facility, our patients, and our patients’ insurance companies. They constantly communicate with insurance to advocate necessary treatments on the behalf of our patients and bill the insurance companies for patient time at the facility and services rendered. It’s their duty to make sure the care our patients need is paid for by their insurance.


RCA Lighthouse is a very nice place to work, the environment is family like and your coworkers become family. There is a great opportunity to learn new procedures and information about substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders. The hardest part of the job is seeing patients leave before they finish their treatment. However on the opposite end, the most enjoyable part of the job is seeing your patients healthy and happy for the first time in a long time when they successfully finish their program and get to start their life anew.

LPN Staff Nurse @ Lighthouse

RCA is a fast-paced environment with strong teams in each department. The sites are beautifully renovated and offer multiple outlets for patients to utilize throughout each level of care in their treatment.”

Therapist @ Lighthouse

Great staff and great management! I love working at RCA, the staff is wonderful including everyone from the CEO, clinical director, clinical supervisor, therapist, Case management team, family therapist, nursing, recovery support specialist, and all others that work together, doing their best to ensure that each patient receives the best possible care and attention. RCA is also adamant about promoting from within whenever possible. I myself, I’ve been promoted twice in the past two years. We are currently expanding and adding approximately 80 more beds to continue helping as many people possible suffering from the disease of addiction.”

-Case Manager @ Lighthouse